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Teabalanze 茶寮

Big Red Robe Tea

Big Red Robe Tea

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Big Red Robe tea, known as the king of tea, is a type of oolong tea and belongs to the category of rock tea, grown in the crevices of rocks. Big Red Robe tea has a sweet and fragrant flavor, combining the richness of black tea and the freshness of green tea, showcasing the unique characteristics of rock tea: 'rock bone, floral fragrance, and fresh sweetness.' Big Red Robe leaves a lingering sweetness and moisture, with a subtle floral aroma, and it can withstand multiple infusions, retaining its tea essence over time.


Promotes blood circulation while eliminating internal coldness.

Recommended Drinking Time

morning to afternoon/after meal


10 tea capsules; net content: 25g +/- 5%


Dahongpao Tea

Brewing Method/ Amount of Water

Put the tea capsules into the capsule tea machine/coffee machine, follow the tea machine/machine operation.

120ML per brew; can be brewed repeatedly within 2 hours until the taste becomes lighter. It is recommended to brew at least 2 times, and the taste will become lighter with the number of times of brewing.

Passed the SGS heavy metal and pesticide residue test (a total of 488 tests)

No Parabens, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Fragrances

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The taste is mellow and smooth, with a sweet aftertaste, a slight caramel aroma, followed by a thick cinnamon

Tested by SGS laboratory

Our products have passed the heavy metal and pesticide residue tests of SGS, the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification agency (488 tests in total)

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