Teabalanze - 皇牌台式鮮果茶

Teabalanze - SIgnature Taiwanese Fresh Fruit Tea

Carefully selected tea leaves and natural dried fruits from Taiwan, crafted into Taiwanese fresh fruit tea. Anytime, anywhere, sip your way to a good mood.

White Peach Oolong

Intense white peach aroma, complemented by juicy white peach flesh, paired with premium Fujian oolong tea. It's both fragrant and refreshing. Ideal for a post-meal break, especially when paired with desserts. Every sip is full of aroma, and with each swallow, sweetness lingers, quickly lifting your spirits.

Benefits: Fat Dissolution, Aids Digestion

Recommended Time: Afternoon/Post-meal

Apple Green Tea

Naturally air-dried green apples, slightly tart and sweet, combined with fragrant and subtle green tea. It carries the scent of apple liquor, and each sip fills your palate with refreshing fruitiness. Undoubtedly the best tea for those moments of quiet indulgence in a busy day.

Benefits: Detox and Beautify: Promotes digestive health, provides antioxidant properties

Recommended Time: Afternoon/Post-meal

Lychee Red Tea

Lychee combined with black tea, crafted through low-temperature smoking. It has an elegant appearance, carrying the enticing aroma of lychee and the rich fragrance of black tea. The tea infusion is a vibrant ruby-red, crystal clear.

Benefits: Fatigue Relief, Diuretic, Enhances Blood Circulation

Recommended Time: Morning to Afternoon/Post-meal

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