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Deluxe Tea House Premium Tea Experience Set 🍵
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A package contains 1 machine + 80 tea capsules, super affordable ‼ ️

✅ Our tea is advertised that one tea capsule can be brewed at least 3 times
✅ The tea capsule machine is compatible with the coffee capsules on the market, one machine for two purposes! You can make tea or coffee!

📦 set includes
Total value HKD$2243
1. Tea Balanze Deluxe Tea Tasting Machine - Ivory White X 1 (worth $1299)
50 seconds to start up and start up at a very fast speed. Fully automatic high-pressure extraction function, extremely fast preheating, and pre-soaking function, which makes the tea taste more prominent. Teabalanze tea bag machine uses the best temperature, the shortest time and the most suitable amount of water to present traditional tea in a different way.
Boot time: 50 seconds
Automatic time:
Cup height limit: 10cm
Filter cup type: 40ml/110ml
Button function: two buttons for large cup and small cup, both buttons can be turned on
Number of Bars: 20Bar
Sink Removal: Removable, and clean out the recycling basket

*Compatible with other Nespresso capsules

Maintenance: Guarantee within half a year from the date of purchase, please contact cs@teabalanze.com for details.

2. Apple green tea x 1 box (worth HKD $108)
Natural air-dried green apple, slightly sour and sweet, paired with light and elegant green tea, it smells like apple cider, after drinking, it is full of fresh fruity aroma from throat to tongue, it is definitely the best tea drink for leisure.

Efficacy: Detoxification and beauty, promote gastrointestinal digestion, anti-oxidation
3. Peach Oolong x 1 box (worth HKD $108)
The rich white peach aroma, accompanied by white peach pulp, is paired with specially selected top Fujian oolong tea, which is both sweet and refreshing. When you sneak in after a meal, enjoy it with dessert. Every mouthful is fragrant. After drinking, every second is sweet, and you can quickly drink a good mood.
Efficacy: Digest fat, help spleen and stomach digestion
4. Lychee Red Tea x 1 box (worth HKD $108)
Lychee is combined with black tea and smoked at low temperature. It has a slender appearance and smells of lychee fruit and rich black tea. The tea soup is dark and bright red, clear and crystal clear.
Efficacy: Eliminate fatigue, remove edema, promote blood circulation
5. Ginseng Oolong x 1 box (worth HKD $128)
Ginseng Oolong, also known as Languiren, was once a tribute tea for the Chinese court and is the best oolong tea. It not only has the mellowness of oolong tea, but also the sweetness of American ginseng. The entrance is fragrant and tangy, which makes the bottom of the tongue full of body fluid and endless aftertaste. American ginseng contains a large amount of natural polysaccharides, which can not only improve human immunity, but also prolong life.
Efficacy: regulate blood pressure, nourish the stomach, nourish the stomach, nourish qi and refresh the mind
6. Orchid Tieguanyin x 1 box (worth HKD $128)
Lanxiang Tieguanyin, as its name suggests, is most unique in its natural fragrance of orchids. This must be produced from high-quality fresh leaves in Anxi, Fujian, coupled with good weather and exclusive fermentation technology, in order to obtain this unique aroma similar to Meiruolan . Orchid Fragrance Tieguanyin is delicate in nature, poor in stress resistance, and low in yield. It is the best of Tieguanyin.
Efficacy: Moisten the stomach, detoxify, enhance resistance, repair the immune system
7. Chrysanthemum Puer x 1 (worth HKD $108)
Pu-erh tea is one of the most representative teas in China, and it is also the most highly fermented tea. Pu'er has an outstanding aging aroma, mellow, sweet and smooth, with a long aftertaste. Fetal chrysanthemum is sweet and elegant, blended with Pu'er, it is extremely sweet. One brew will relieve stress, one drink will bring out a good mood.
Efficacy: Clear liver and improve eyesight, relieve heat and invigorate spleen, detoxify, regulate stomach, anti-oxidation
8. Jinxuan Tea x 1 (worth HKD $128)
Jinxuan tea from Taiwan is famous for its unique milk aroma. Jinxuan oolongs are picked by hand with one heart and two leaves, which is absolutely exquisite. When brewing, the aroma is elegant, the entrance is pure and sweet, and the throat rhyme is vigorous. The refreshing tea fragrance with floral and milky fragrance will definitely amaze your taste buds.
Efficacy: lower blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease
9. Big Red Robe Tea x 1 (worth HKD $128)
Dahongpao is known as the king of tea. It is an oolong tea and a rock tea, which grows in rock crevices. Dahongpao tea is sweet and fragrant, with the mellowness of black tea and the fragrance of green tea, fully displaying the characteristics of rock tea "rock bone flower fragrance, light fragrance and sweetness". Dahongpao has a sweet aftertaste to produce body fluid, with a faint floral fragrance, and it is very resistant to flushing, and the fragrance of tea lasts for a long time.
Efficacy: Promote blood circulation and eliminate cold in the body at the same time
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